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When Reliability, Quality, and Experience Matters, Don't be fooled by an Unlicensed Contractor
All too often we hear about homeowners being taken advantage of by contractors that said they were licensed, but in reality were NOT. I have worked with homeowners who have hired an unlicensed contractor, and I can tell you that the road to recovery can be timely, costly and stressful. Learn how to verify a contractor’s license and protect yourself. Each year homeowners and businessmen lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention the mental stress, to uncertified (unlicensed) contractors and craftsmen posing as contractors.

In California Your Unlicensed Contractor May Really Be Your ‘Employee’ For purposes of suing you, at least. That’s what happened to homeowner Glenn Brodeur, who hired his neighbor Ernesto Mendoza, an unlicensed roofing contractor, at a set fee to do the roofing work. “Mendoza arrived at Brodeur’s house with a gang of workmen, started on the project, and within a few hours fell off the roof and was seriously injured.” In the current state of California law, unlicensed contractors — but not licensed ones — have the right to sue homeowners in tort in such situations

Contractors Are Licensed
Depending on what state you are from, you may not be aware that the State of California requires all contractors to be licensed. Think about this; would you want an unlicensed dentist, doctor or lawyer working for you? So, why would anyone take a chance while working with a contractor! Protect the value of your home, protect yourself, your family and your neighbors; use only licensed professional contractors.

Work that a handyman can do: Minor repairs, painting, cleaning, etc. Not to exceed $500 total, including labor & materials. For specific questions about a project you are considering you may want to contact your local building department.

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