Why Choose Us as Your Remodeling Contractor

Things to look for when Choosing a Quality Company

  • Company should be fully licensed and have an established office.
  • Company must be fully insured with a General Liablility with a minimum of $1,000,000.00 coverage
  • Company should provide excellent references for past work
  • Company should be a member of and in good standing with the Better Business Bureau
  • Company should take the time to fully understand you renovation desires; After all, it is your home!
  • Company should have an excellent design team to help you make the right choices.

Insurance Coverage - Why is it so important?
A+ Cal's Construction provides complete liability insurance on every job. We will provide a copy of our insurance certificate and explain it to your complete satisfaction. In this day and time, people will sue for any reason. Don't do business with any company who cannot show proof of insurance. Your home is one of your greatest investments. This is another way we at A+ Cal's Construction take the risk away from doing business. We protect you where others do not. You wouldn't do business with a remodeling company who can't show you proof of insurance, would you?

Quality Control - What does it mean for you as a customer?
A+ Cal's Construction and our associates are dedicated to giving our customers the finest quality materials, workmanship, and warranties in the industry. We pledge to provide our customers this quality at a fair and reasonable price

We are commited to the overall quality of every job we perform. We will not cut corners or sacrifice our standards in order to match prices with sub-standard workmanship provided by many of the industry's independent contractors and fly-by-night home improvement companies.

Guaranteed Satisfaction - How we do it?
A+ Cal's Construction we believe that our customers are our bosses. They control the money and expect exactly what they pay for. We will not collect your final payment until the job is completely finished and you the homeowner is completely satisifed. That's it....period.

A+ Cal's Construction is not satisfied until our Southern California homeowner is satisfied. Because we have such a high standard for quality, A+ Cal's Construction is able to provide guaranteed satisfaction to you, the customer. Any company can verbally promise you anything in order to collect your money, but once they have your money, will they complete the work to your fullest satisfaction?

Commitment - what's it all about?
A+ Cal's Construction is commited to providing complete liability insurance on every job. We are also commited to giving our customers quality materials, workmanship, and the best warranties in the industry. We are commited to your guaranteed satisfaction. We will not collect final payment until the job is completely finished to your satisfaction.

Commitment is a strong word that A+ Cal's Construction takes seriously. Webster's dictionary defines it as "to be morally bound to do." Simply put - we will do what we say we will do whether it's a kitchen, bath or complete home remodel!

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